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Coaching & Courses

Beginners' Safety Training


Coaching sessions are Wednesday nights, from 6:00pm.

What will I be doing?

Depending on your level, coaching begins with basic gun handling and firing. You will get to try a few different types of handgun such as .22 semi automatic, .38 special revolver, and 9mm semi automatic. We will instruct you in the finer points of pistol shooting, such as stance, breathing, trigger control, etc. You will get a chance to try the different disciplines.

What do I bring?

You will need a set of ear muffs and safety glasses. You do not need to spend hundreds on a pair of electronic ear muffs, as a set from your local hardware is all you need. Just ensure they are rated high enough to protect your ears. Some may even consider ear plugs as well. You will also need to bring money to pay for ammunition that will be issued to you by a licensed shooter.

Download the MPC Lesson Plan which outlines each lesson's activities. (current February 2018)

Download the MPC Coaching Calendar which shows which nights have which Lesson Plans:
• 2019–20 Coaching Calendar

Special Coaching events
Sometimes there are special coaching weekends sponsored by Pistol Shooting Queensland. You will need to be an affiliated member of PSQ in order to attend. All PSQ members are welcome to come along and gain the valuable knowledge of the professional coaching. The next coaching weekend will be listed here and through our MPC Newsletter once announced.

Safety Courses

Metro Pistol Club runs Safety Courses regularly, which form part of your licence application requirements. Check the club noticeboard for dates, or contact us for the number of our registered safety course trainers. Our instructors are licenced to take you through handgun and long-arm safety courses for:
A/B Licence
H Licence
C Licence
D Licence

Important information prior to booking your weapons safety course

From 1 January 2015, trainees wanting to do a weapons safety course will need to have a USI (Unique Student Identifier). Without this number you cannot be issued a Statement of Attainment, which is required for your licence paperwork. How do you get one? Easy – go to and apply. Ensure you have this number prior to turning up to your safety course!

Holster proficiency courses

A number of shooting disciplines require the use of a holster for upper-level competitions. Please check out more information regarding our holster courses.

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