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Helpful Links for the Metro Shooter

QLD Police Service – Weapons Licensing
QPS Weapons Licensing – Forms
QPS Weapons Licensing – Permit to Acquire
Sports Vision Optometrist – specialising in vision correction for the sporting shooter

Competition/Event Partners
Some shooting competitions require membership to a particular organisation, in order to shoot sanctioned matches. Please refer to these organisations and their match calendars and entry forms if you're interested in in their shooting competitions:

Pistol Shooting Queensland
(PSQ video re different disciplines)

Shooting Discipline Organisations

Australian International Shooting
Pistol Australia

(International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts)
ICORE Australia
ICORE International

(International Practical Shooting Confederation)
IPSC Australia
IPSC International

ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federations)
ISSF International

IHMSA International
IMSSU (International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union)

Firearm Dealers & Shooting Supplies

KG Custom – gunsmith and firearms broker
Potter Firearms
QStore "Shooten Stuff"
Gun World Australia

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