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Administration / safety

  1. Range flags must be flown during all shooting on the range
  2. All shooters and spectators MUST wear eye and ear protection at all times while shooting is under way.
  3. Covered footwear and a shirt with sleeves will be considered safe clothing.
  4. All shooters intending to shoot must sign the Range Register on arrival to the range before commencing to shoot.
  5. All shooters are to check noticeboards in club area for any special notices.
  6. All VISITORS intending to shoot must be signed in by a club member and are the responsibility of that member. Non-shooting visitors must sign the Visitor's Book.
  7. Range is to be left clean and tidy, targets to be refurbished.

Range Standing Orders

A copy or the Range Standing Orders may be found and read in clubhouse and on the Range 1 noticeboard. All members and guests using the Range must read and be familiar with Range Standing Orders (PDF).

General rules

  1. MPC members operating/conducting ranges on MPC Ranges must be correctly licensed and accredited by the MPC committee as an authorised Range Officer/Operator. To do this, they must complete the appropriate QSA Range Operator Accreditation. Members who are not Range Operator accredited are not permitted to operate / shoot on a range without a qualified Range Operator.
  2. Range Officers must display their name on the blackboards provided on each range prior to conducting a match or practice.
  3. Range Operators/Officers are to be conversant with these Range Standing Orders and are responsible for compliance. Breaches of Range Standing Orders are to be reported to the Club Captain or an Executive Committee Member. Breaches of Range Standing Orders may lead to disciplinary action by the Club Executive which includes cancellation of membership.
  4. Members are to visibly display their Membership Card when on a MPC Range.
  5. Scheduled Club Matches have precedence over all other Range use except for Executive-sanctioned events.
  6. Range Operators/Officers will ensure shooters are correctly licensed to use firearms on the range before conducting the match (sight licence or complete Form 33(a)), and sign off Shooters Participation Books and the Range Register at conclusion of match/practice.
  7. All range users also have a responsibility for safety and compliance with these Standing Orders. All licenced visitors from other clubs must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a MPC Range Operator whilst shooting on the MPC ranges, and pay the appropriate visitor’s fee.
  8. Non-shooting visitors must abide by these Standing Orders and register in the Visitors Book.
  9. All targets are to be placed so that all projectiles strike a backstop or a suitably constructed temporary backstop.
  10. All metal targets at distances less than 10m must be shrouded before being used

Please check out our updated Calendar for match times and other events.

Range 1 – EVERY Saturday and Sunday
  • 9:30am – 10:00am
  • 12:30pm – 1:00pm
  • 2:30pm – 2:50pm
  • 4:00pm – 4:20pm

  • Sunday 20 May 2018 @ 8.30am, $120, MPC Clubhouse
  • BYO lunch
  • Register for a Unique Student Identifer number first
  • Email Grant M to book in and get course materials, or for more info
  • Future course dates: 22 July, 12 August 2018
    (subject to change).


  • Tuesdays 8 May, 7 August, 6 November 2018
    @ 7pm MPC Clubhouse

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