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Administration / safety

  1. Range flags must be flown during all shooting on the range
  2. All shooters and spectators MUST wear eye and ear protection at all times while shooting is under way.
  3. Covered footwear and a shirt with sleeves will be considered safe clothing.
  4. All shooters intending to shoot must sign the Range Register on arrival to the range before commencing to shoot.
  5. All shooters are to check noticeboards in club area for any special notices.
  6. All VISITORS intending to shoot must be signed in by a club member and are the responsibility of that member. Non-shooting visitors must sign the Visitor's Book.
  7. Range is to be left clean and tidy, targets to be refurbished.

Range Standing Orders

A copy or the Range Standing Orders may be found and read in clubhouse and on the Range 1 noticeboard. All members and guests using the Range must read and be familiar with Range Standing Orders (PDF).

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