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Service Pistol

The Match is exactly the same for both, with the only difference being that in Service Pistol Unrestricted, the match is not shot from the holster, and there are no minimum load restrictions. Metro Pistol Club does run Holster Proficiency courses if you wish to gain accreditation, in order to shoot Service Pistol. The match comprises 90 shots, at varying distances from 50 yards to 7 yards, with variations in grip (both hands vs single hand, left vs right hand).

As well, there are different shooting positions, ranging from the prone position, sitting or kneeling, using the strong hand and the weak hand, shooting behind a barricade with support for the shooting hand, shooting totally unsupported and firing shots with one hand only. Times for the various stages are also different, from 165 seconds to fire 24 shots at 50 yards to 15 seconds to fire twelve shots at 7 yards.

(aka Short Barrel)

25 Metre service is an informal, friendly match shot with pistols. They can be revolvers or semi-automatics with the minimum barrel length of 4" allowed. The match is shot at timed, turning targets, with 65 shots fired at distances that vary from 25 meters down to 7 meters, and is for calibres from .32 to .38/.357.

WA 1500
This is a 150-shot course where the maximum possible score is 1500 points. Like the other Service matches, WA1500 has varied distances, varied shooting positions (standing, standing supported, sitting, kneeling, prone), varied grips (two hands vs single hand, right vs left), and you can use either revolvers or semi-automatics.

As for all shooting disciplines, ear and eye protection are mandatory for all these matches. Please come and experience Service Pistol shooting!


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service pistol

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