Air Pistol (ISSF)

Metro has a 13-bay air-conditioned air-pistol range.

Air pistol is a great way to learn precision and control with your shooting. It is one of the nominated ISSF sporting categories for competition. If you’ve developed a flinch from shooting larger calibres, get yourself down to the air pistol range and re-train your stance, breathing and trigger control.

ISSF 10M Air Pistol (Men and Women)

10m Air pistol is an ISSF event shot by both men and women, at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics and Paralympics.

  • 60 scoring shots in a match. 
  • Men and women both shoot a 60 shot match over 10m using .177 caliber air pellets. 
  • Prior to match commencing there is 15 minutes for unlimited sighters
  • If a match is shot on paper targets the timeframe is 90 minutes
  • If a match is shot on electronic targets the time frame is 75 minutes 
  • If there is a final the top 8 shoot it out. 
  • A final consists of 2 series of 5 shots each fired in 250sec. This is followed by 14 single shots each fired in a time of 50sec. Elimination begins after the 12th shot and continues after every 2 shots. There are a total of 24 shots in the final.
  • Target = 10 ring of 11.5 mm diameter, each ring increases by 16 mm

The 10m Air Pistol event can be quite mentally demanding event, requiring patience and accuracy over a long period of time (especially under match conditions).

Download: Air Pistol Target PDF


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