Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a speed-shooting target sport, where you hit… wait for it… steel!

There’s variations with the different setups (called stages) and it’s all timed, and the instant feedback regarding a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ ensures that these matches are what appeals to both competitor and spectator alike.

Competitors are scored based solely on the time it takes them to shoot each stage.

The last target that is shot is known as the “stop plate”, which stops the timer. All primary target hits made after the stop plate has been struck, will be scored with a three-second penalty each.

The maximum time permitted for a run is 30 seconds and a competitor will be stopped and asked to reload if they reach the 30 second limit.

Each competitor shoots each stage five times, with their slowest run dropped, excluding the stage Outer Limits where only four runs are shot and the top three counted. The competitor’s best four out of five runs are totalled for their stage score and the eight stage scores are added together to establish the competitor’s match score. The winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time.


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