Coaching and training

We will instruct you in the finer points of pistol shooting, such as stance, breathing, trigger control, etc. You will get to try a few different types of handgun such as .22 semi automatic, .38 special revolver, and 9mm semi automatic, as well as a chance to try the different disciplines.

Holster proficiency courses

A number of shooting disciplines require the use of a holster for upper-level competitions. We offer both PSQ-sanctioned courses (required for attendance in PSQ competitions) and an in-house course for onsite matches and gaining confidence in using a holster.

Range operator courses

Range operator courses enable you to shoot on your own on MPC ranges. If you do not hold this designation you must be under the direction of an accredited RO while shooting on our ranges.

Safety courses

Safety courses are part of the legal requirements to gaining a firearms licence, both for long arms (Category A/B) or handguns (Category H).