Steps to becoming a licensed pistol shooter

  • Obtain the Form – APPLICATION FOR STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY TO JOIN AN APPROVED PISTOL SHOOTING CLUB (Form QP 515) from your local police station, complete and return to the station for approval. If approved, you will receive a declaration to be presented to your preferred approved pistol club. Remember this declaration will only last for three months.
  • You will also be required to provide TWO character reference letters with your application to your preferred club (from persons knowing the applicant for more than TWO years).
  • Provide a declaration to the Club stating that you are a current member of another approved shooting club or are not a current member of another approved shooting club.

Persons with an existing licence (eg Category A & B) are not required to submit the form QP 515, but will need TWO character references and declaration of other shooting club memberships as above.

  • Apply for membership of your preferred Club.
  • Complete a recognised approved Weapons Safety Course (to gain knowledge of safety practices for the use, storage and maintenance of a firearm). Applicants having an A or B licence will only need to do the legislation and Category H components.
  • Receive your Statement of Attainment from the training organisation.
  • Compete in at least THREE competition shoots at your club within six months of membership with the club.
  • You must complete a Form 33 or a Form 33A every time you shoot a concealable firearm during this period, and be supervised one-on-one by an appointed range officer.


  • Apply for a concealable firearms licence:
  • You will need to complete and provide:
    Form 1: Application for a Licence
    – Copy of Eligibility Statement
    – Two notarised passport photos
    – A copy of your Statement of Attainment from your Weapons Safety Course (which has an expiry date of 12 months)
  • Form QP 518(A): A current declaration by the representative of your approved pistol club stating that you, the applicant, are a financial member of the club, that you have been a member of the pistol club for the six-month period immediately before the declaration is made and that you have participated in at least three handgun shooting competitions during that six months.
  • Your Participation Record
  • Proof of residence: eg rates notice
  • After applying online applicants will be issued with a Weapons Licensing Case Reference number and advice to go to their local Police Station to do the 100-point ID check. If doing the application at a Police Station the ID check will be done as part of that process. Ensure that forms show that the applicant became a member after obtaining their Eligibility Statement.


Once you have your licence, you can then:

  • Complete a Form 28 (Application for Permit to Acquire) stating the type, action, make, model, barrel length, serial number and calibre of the weapon, and the magazine capacity of the firearm. Alternatively, this process can now be done on online via
  • The details of the person you are obtaining the firearm from (the disposer) must be included on the Application for Permit to Acquire.
  • If the pistol is being held ‘in safe keeping’ for the disposer (the registered owner of the firearm), the disposer must also sign the application for a Permit to Acquire, confirming that ‘as the registered owner of the below weapon which is held in safekeeping I authorise the sale of the weapon’.
  • Remember: a Permit to Acquire has an expiry date of six months from the date of issue.
  • With the above application include a letter from the Club, on a Club letterhead, stating the need for the firearm (matches/events/competitions) to be shot.